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Aerosoft CRJ 900 Pro

1 Introduction

Welcome to the world of euroSKIES – one purpose, one passion.

This is the installation manual of the euroSKIES Canadair Regional Jet – 900 Aerosoft Professional model. It is for your private use only.

You are not allowed to share it online or on other ways than approved by us. 


2 How to Install

To be updated!

1) Extract this ZIP to any folder of your choice
2) Run the Aerosoft Livery Installer
3) Select “Aerosoft CRJ Professional” in the Dropdown Menu
4) “Install Liveries”
5) Select “CRJ900 D-AEXX_ euroSKIES” from your chosen folder, where XX is to be replaced by the current registry.

3) Aircraft Information

You can find a detailed aircraft information page within the euroSKIES documentation or by clicking on this link.

The general aircraft information can be found on our euroSKIES main website in the “about us” area or by clicking on this link.

4) PFPX Information

To use this aircraft with PFPX, please use the PFPX aircraft Data provided by euroSKIES. You can find it in the Download Center

5) Bug Report

If you notice any bugs on the livery, please send a report to including a description and a screenshot. We are thankful for your help. Enjoy flying with us. 

6) Changelog

Canadair Regional Jet Livery with euroSKIES regional design has been created.

IVAO Partner Banner included

7) Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any damage of your system after installing this livery. We try to keep our
software safe but can not guarantee that it is 100% free of malware.

If you notice any malfunction please contact us immediately!


For troubleshooting, you are invited to contact our support at any time

REV 1.1 – 2021-05-13 OMA